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Bio Polymers

“Biogreen” Develops INDIA'S First Biodegradable Plastic PRODUCTS which is most affordable in the world

Biogreen Biotech is providing a ground-breaking innovation that aims to tackle global plastic pollution. Biogreen Biotech provides Biodegradable Plastic technology that alters the properties of plastic to make it Biodegradable Plastic and recyclable at the same time. With the potential to revolutionize the fight against plastic waste globally, Biogreen has used ‘biotransformation’ technology is nothing but a proprietary additive that can break down plastics safely if they escape into the environment. Recently Government of India has supported this technology and has introduced a new standard iso 17899 for Biodegradable Plastic Biogreen is to be the first company in India to offer such a fully Biodegradable Plastic solution without creating micro plastics that harm the natural environment or interfere with recycling streams at scale. This time-controlled technology product is focused on plastic packaging waste, such as takeaway containers, disposable cups, and other packaging products that aren’t usually recycled but are often disposed of.

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Time-set biodegradation

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Microplastic free

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Non Toxic

Our Range of Products

Biodegradale straws

Biogreen Compostable Straws

biogreen grocery rollbags

Biobags & Grocery Bags

Biogreen bags


biogreen arecaware


biogreen tableware


biogreen cups

Biogreen cups

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“Biogreen” products is Verified by the British Standard Institution (BSI), this technology is now being adopted by several international brands across the world including in India. Our products will be compalinet with 17899 Biodegradable plastic Indian standards as per new plastic waste management rules. With this new development we will able to help 1000 of plastic manufacturer and laks of employees , who has shutdown the factories Biogreen will supply this technology free of cost to any existing plastic manufacturer as a social responsibility initiative

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We partner with over 320 amazing projects worldwide, and have given over many clients since 2011. We also operate our own dynamic suite of Signature Programs.

Our Products

Our Products


100% best quality products approved by KPCB. It contains no conventional plastic and non-toxic to the environment, animals and plants.

100% biodegradable substitute to plastic. Our bags are made from natural starch & vegetable oil derivatives which makes it a true organic product

Our Products are 100% Eco-friendly ,
100% Satisfied customers across the country

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