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Bioplastics Raw Materials

Bioplastics are alternatives to plastics. We develop Bioplastics from renewable sources and plant-based raw materials. All our products are produced confirming the international standards, EN 13432 and ISO 17088:2008. The raw materials used for Bioplastic are completely disintegrated, biodegradable and compostable within 180 days, as per EN 13432:2000. Within this period the material can decomposed into carbon dioxide, minerals and water, that can be used for agricultural without any toxicity.Ensuring that composting of the materials doesn’t have any negative effect on the environment, maintaining ISO 17088:2008 standards.


BIOFLEX-FT-1, For: Blowing Films,Bags, Properties: Excellent mechanical products, High Stength, Easy to process
BIOFLEX-FT-2, For: Blowing Films,Bags, Properties: Excellent mechanical properties, designed for making softer film and bags
BIOFLEX-FT-3, For: Blowing Films, Sheets, Strength Film, Properties: Can be used for making blend multilayer film, very good sealing properties
BIOFLEX-FT-4, For: Multilayer Film,Transparent monolayer films, making blend, Properties: Excellent Transparency, sealing properties, good rigidity
BIOFLEX-FT-5, For: Cups,Spoon,Knife,Fork,Plates,Small injection molded article, Properties: Good melt flow, easy to process, excellent mechanical properties

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