Collar Traveller Paper

These papers are mainly used in Shirts, they give a grip to the collar. For   those who are unfamiliar, shirt collar stays are little, flat, solid slabs that slip into specially sewn slots   on the inside of a shirt collar's points to hold the ends down/flat and in place.

 Bio-based U Clip
These are used to hold clothing without making them look shabby. These are great for folded shirts, sleeves, socks, ties and more. They bite on materials but they do not damage them.
Bio-based Gripper
These are straightforward and advantageous to utilise. These work great for socks, folded shirts, and other garments. These are durable and give your dress an elegant appearance.
Back support
These are often used for packaging Shirts, T-Shirts and many more, these are used for support so that none of the dress gets worn out.
Collar Traveller Transparent
These are the same as collar traveller paper, but these come in transparent colour. They are mainly used for Shirts to give a grip and it stands out as they are transparent.
 Bio-based Single Butterfly
These are used for the collars to look sharp, these help them from getting wrinkling and collapsing. They are easy to use and cannot see under.
Recycled  Butter paper
They are commonly used to wrap or stuff garments, shoes, dress clothing and jewellery, because they would have been tightly wrapped or stacked on top of each other, this helps keep clothing in shape without causing wrinkles or harming any product.