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The clock is Ticking. Switch to Bioplastics Before It's Too Late!

The clock is Ticking. Switch to Bioplastics Before It's Too Late

biodegradable plastic
JULY 07, 2021

Biodegradable products can relieve pressure from the environment, especially when we are drowning and suffocating in plastic!

It slides in that 91% of plastic is not recycled, and thus our mother Earth is drowning in plastic pollution. Furthermore, with more plastic in landfills, it constitutes 80% of plastic debris in water bodies.

And now, the world breathes in 380 million tonnes of plastic every year!

Here is a quick read about how plastic is affecting our lives! Moreover, this blog will help you explore how bioplastic is an affordable alternative to plastic bags and other substitutes for plastic.

Hasn't plastic Become an Essential Part of Your Everyday Life?

Yes! Plastics are now a part of our everyday lives. Whether you are a retail shop owner, a manufacturer, a local vendor, or a consumer, plastic has become an integral part to play in any supply chain.

The use of plastic is entirely in your hands. You will be surprised to know that apart from constituting numerous cosmetic, hygiene, and household products, plastics are now in foodstuffs!

So, how do plastics affect the environment you breathe in?

Straightaway, by 2050, you can expect that there will be more plastics than fish in the water bodies! Moreover, experts anticipate that 90% of coral reefs may die, and our oceans will overheat and lack oxygen- yes, NO LIFE!

In today's world, plastics accumulate in landfills. There is a high chance that these release chemicals, which ultimately pollute the groundwater and air. With no proper disposal and treatment of plastic waste, it enters our body through inhalation or ingestion.

Moreover, there are some toxins in plastics that leach out of plastic; not only that, it ingests in food and beverages you consume, causing health issues like metabolic disorders and reduced fertility.

Looking at such a devastating scenario, it becomes essential for you to opt for biodegradable products as a substitute for plastic. We help you settle for products that are eco-friendly and affordable.

Breathe Better with Eco-friendly Products from Biogreen

Biogreen is one of the leading product manufacturers in India, and we make products to substitute plastics. Biodegradable plastics offer real benefits when compared to non-biodegradable and harmful plastic bags.

It is better for the environment we live in as the products decompose, and it does not release toxic and harmful chemicals. It forms compost with the fossils and thus, is a natural way to replenish the soil.

Biodegradable bags in place of plastic bags!

We, being a reliable biodegradable plastic bags manufacturer in India, value your quality of everyday life. And thus, our biodegradable, eco-friendly products substitute plastic bags. As a result, eco-friendly products break down at a much faster rate and decompose naturally.

Biogreen bags are best to help you align the quality of life you live with a much natural approach. These biodegradable bags consist of natural starch, vegetable waste, and vegetable oil derivatives with almost no chemical footprints and easy degradation. Indeed, all the plastic substitute products from us contain no conventional plastic.

Live in a Plastic-Free World with 100% Compostable Products.

Indeed, our compostable products address the rising plastic pollution problem. These biodegradable materials convert to compost after a certain period. Read on the reasons for you to choose eco-friendly plastic alternatives.

  • It helps lower carbon footprint.
  • These compostable products are easily disposable. Further, it doesn't cause any harm to the environment.
  • For a manufacturing company, biodegradable alternatives dramatically help to reduce shipping costs. It is because the build of the products follows an eco-friendly approach and minimalism in mind.
  • Next is, it dramatically improves your brand image. If you are a packaging unit or a retail shop owner, switching to compostable plastic alternatives will invite a long-term association with your customers.

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