Mohammed Sadiq

Mohammed Sadiq: Founder, leading the team to success.

Started an entrepreneurial journey at 16 from selling sugarcane to coal and then established a manufacturing unit of Lightweight blocks. After selling my steak in fusion blocks, I wanted to do something innovative about plastic waste which takes 4000 years to dissolve and is so harmful to nature, He invested his time and money and created this excellent product,

Presently Mohammed Sadiq is a startup investor mentor and CEO of BIogreen Biotech.



Company Vision 

Biogreen is a mission to make the world plastic free and create sustainable alternative solutions to plastic at affordable prices.

“Biogreen” products are made from natural scratch, vegetable oil derives, and vegetable waste. These products are non-toxic to the environment, animals, and plants. Our carry bags contain no conventional plastics.

Biogreen has a wide range of products as such carry bags, grocery bags, garbage bags, garment bags, mailer bags, cling wrap, bubble wrap, bubble sheets, cups, and tableware,

We make these things available to end consumers at very affordable prices.